In Annapoorna:

There is no dearth of options for activities that you can do at Annapoorna. If you have come to escape from the everyday stress you experience in the city, you could play around in the swimming pool with your friends; or maybe have a nap under the shade of Mango trees amidst the chirping of birds; or you could lie in the hammock with your favourite book to give you company.

For those interested, we also show around the farm & the various agriculture activities currently in Annapoorna. This proves to be an invaluable & unique learning experience especially for the kids.

For corporates, we also have large open tracts of land where they could engage in team building activities & games. Suitable arrangements can be made on discussion.

Pool hammockcottages TT
Swimming Pool Shade of Mango Trees Various Activities

Around Annapoorna:

  • Treks & Nature Trails:
  1. Bhimashanker Trek:Bhimashankar situated in the village of Bhavagiri, is a famous pilgrimage site at the end of the Sahyadri range. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. The beautiful stone temple around 3296 feet high and the feeling of being lost in wilderness has made Bhimashankar a major trekking destination.
  2. Peth Fort:Karjat is well-known for trekking, as each route gives a glimpse into the rich history of the Mogul era. There are several forts in and around Karjat waiting to be explored. One of them is the fort of Peth, also known as Kothaligad, which is around 21 kms north-east of Karjat.
  3. Kondana Caves:A journey to the 8 Buddhist caves of the Hinayana Buddhist tradition which is a one hour trek from the Kondane village. The Kondana caves enclose sculptures, vihara, cahitya and stupas, specimens of ancient Buddhist architecture. Although there was an earth quake in the early 1900s many stupas, the front entrance and the floor of the caves were damaged.
bhimashankar Peth_village_karjat KondanaCaves
Bhimashanker Trek Peth Fort Kondana Caves
  • Temples: Ganapati temple at Kadav & Lord Shiva temple at Vaijanath are ancient temples around the area which must be visited.
  • Adlabs Imagica:  The amusement park is around 40km from the farm. You can plan a visit to Imagica for the day and come back to Annapoorna for an overnight stay.
temple adlabs_imagica1
Temples Adlabs Imagica